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Why Work With Me

Since childhood, I knew for certain that I thought very differently and felt differently than other people did. I wanted to talk about things that the other kids did not. I wanted to help the planet and create change. For a long time I tried to close down this part of myself because I was not liked, loved or accepted for it.

A few years ago I experienced something transformative, which I can only now describe as a spiritual awakening. Once this occurred, everything shifted. The way I viewed life, myself and other people changed almost overnight. I began to have a deep participation in my own life that I had never experienced before.

At this juncture, I have up-leveled myself many times and in many ways. I want to guide others on their journey. I did not have a guide. I had no one to turn to, and at times that felt really hard. I want to cultivate a space for others to feel supported, guided and lifted.