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Energy Balancing by Numbers

☐ Practice: I will work with you to identify which frequency codes your body needs. This is perfect for anyone wanting to maintain good health, improve current health and/or raise vibrational energy field.
☐ Duration: 60 Minute phone call(s)
☐ Investment: $75 per session

Customized Awakening Support

☐ Practice: I will work with you on a 1:1 basis to guide you as your awakening journey unfolds. My customized option will give you the flexibility to plan the length and format of your sessions, while receiving the benefits of my tools, hacks and support. Everything provided is based on your personal circumstances and needs. 
☐ Duration: varies based on needs 
☐ Investment: varies
☐ Support: text, phone call or email

Distance Reiki

☐ Practice: I will perform reiki on you, from a distance (using your picture). Reiki is an ancient healing modality that connects us to universal life force energy. When life force energy is low or restricted, an individual is more vulnerable to illness. 
☐ Duration: 30-60 Minutes
☐ Investment: $75 per session