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10 signs you are stepping into a spiritual awakening & enlightenment

1. You begin to observe your own patterns and behaviors.
2. You begin to question the ways in which you have previously defined yourself, or masked yourself, to the outside world.
3. You begin to feel a deeper connection to the world around you (people, animals, nature, etc).
4. You begin to experience life through a calmer vantage point & you are no longer as reactive as you used to be.
5. Synchronicities begin to show up like crazy. This can present itself in many ways: numbers, thinking of someone then hearing from them or seeing them. There are many more examples, these were just a few.
6. Your intuition is heightened.
7. You have increased your ability to be compassionate, both to yourself and to others.
8. You find that your self worth, confidence and authenticity all rise. This is because you are tapped into a deeper knowing & energy.
9. Your relationships begin to shift, and some may even not survive. This is because you are up-leveling and not everyone will be be able to rise as quickly as you do.
10. Spirituality, growth and your own evolution begin to take more priority in your life.

You are so powerful.